Day: March 25, 2020

How to quickly re-install any Android app you’ve ever used

Having trouble remembering that Android app you installed two phones ago, but really need to have now? Let Jack Wallen show you an easy way to locate and install it.

Image: Jack Wallen

Android makes it easy to do just about anything from a mobile device. It’s simple to use, flexible, and efficient. One feature that goes a long way to show Android’s efficiency is found in the Google Play Store. With this feature, you can easily go back and install any application you’ve previously used, without having to either dig deep into the recesses of your memory or search for it in the Play Store.

The feature in question is called the Library. From this tool you can, with a single tap, install any application you’ve ever installed on any Android device you’ve ever associated with your Google account. 

You read that correctly—any application you have ever installed on

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Online Tutors Boosting Incomes as Demand Surges Due to Coronavirus Lockdowns

Filipino teacher Raven Kate De Leon is in demand, spending up to 10 hours a day at her home computer surrounded by mini cars and stuffed toys that she uses as props to inject fun into her English classes for students far away in China. Since the coronavirus took a hold in China at the start of this year and forced schools and offices to shut down, thousands of Filipino teachers are cashing on overtime as grade schoolers and professionals in China, Japan and beyond turn lockdowns into opportunities to better their English.

One of only a few countries in Asia that can combine affordable e-learning with an ample supply of teachers and strong English proficiency, the Philippines is uniquely placed to absorb demand in Asia for Internet language classes.

Online platforms like 51Talk of China Online Education Group and RareJob Philippines, and a host of smaller local Philippine outfits,

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