Month: July 2020

Apple Delivers Blowout Q2 Results, Market Shrugs Off iPhone Delays

Apple on Thursday delivered blowout quarterly results, reporting revenue gains across every category and in every geography as consumers working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic turned to its products and services.

The report topped Wall Street expectations, with even long-overshadowed categories likeiPads and Macs getting a boost. Shares rose as much as 6 percent in extended trading after the results.

The fiscal third-quarter results, which included iPhone sales some $4 billion (roughly Rs. 29,900 crores) above analyst expectations, came on the same day that US gross domestic product collapsed at a 32.9 percent annualised rate last quarter, the nation’s worst economic performance since the Great Depression.

Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri also confirmed supply chain rumblings that the new lineup of iPhones, usually released in late September, would face delays of a few weeks.

But executives predicted continued strong performance from the company’s products.


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Essential Apps for Android Users

Open source expert Jack Wallen lists the apps he considers a must-have for every Android user.

Android is not only the most widely used platform on the planet, it also includes a lot of applications to choose from. Although you might be able to get by for awhile by only using the stock apps included with the Android operating system, you’ll very quickly find yourself needing more. Once you peel away the facade of taste and varied use cases, there is a short list of apps, not installed by default, that could be considered must-haves for any Android user.

I recommend that you install these nine Android apps, along with the pre-installed apps, to be more productive and safe. (In this list, I didn’t include the pre-installed Android apps or carrier-specific apps.) Also, keep in mind that this list is subjective.

The Google Find My Device app. 

At some point

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TikTok Faces US National Security Review

A US government national security review of the social media app TikTok is nearly complete and will deliver a recommendation to the White House this week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday.

Mnuchin told reporters the review is being conducted by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which deals with companies and acquisitions affecting national security.

TikTok is under CFIUS review and we’ll be making a recommendation to the president on it this week,” Mnuchin said. “We have lots of alternatives.”

The news comes amid increasing concerns voiced by US officials and lawmakers about TikTok’s links to China and its potential use for espionage — an allegation consistently dismissed by the company.

TikTok earlier Wednesday pushed back at what it called “maligning attacks” by Facebook and others that call attention to the video app’s Chinese connections.

TikTok chief executive Kevin Mayer said the attacks were “disguised

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It’s not OK, Cupid: Security flaws could expose user data and more

Researchers found a number of vulnerabilities that could give attackers access to a treasure trove of personally identifying information about members.

Image: Aladino Gonzalez, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Research from Check Point Software have discovered a number of vulnerabilities in online dating service OK Cupid’s mobile app and website that could allow attackers to not only steal personal data, but take actions on a user’s behalf as well.

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The vulnerabilities in OKCupid that Check Point discovered allow a potential attacker to do five things: 

  • Expose user data stored in the OKCupid mobile app
  • Perform actions on behalf of the victim
  • Steal user profiles, private data, preferences, and personal characteristics 
  • Steal user authentication tokens, user IDs, email addresses, and other sensitive account information
  • Send all the exposed data to an attacker’s server

“We demonstrated that users’ private details, messages, and photos could be

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Gaming app company cites happy work culture for success

Clipwire Games was certified as a Great Place to Work in Canada after its success with Bingo Story.

Image: iStockphoto/Tero Vesalainen

Billions of people across the world are using their smartphones far more now due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this trend is extending heavily to smartphone-based gaming.

According to a recent report from App Annie, mobile gaming is on track to surpass $100 billion across all mobile app stores in 2020, and casual mobile games comprised 82% of mobile downloads in 2019. Monthly time spent in all mobile games grew 40% year-over-year in Q2 2020–reaching a new all-time high of more than 200 billion hours during April 2020, AppAnnie reported.

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There is no better example of this than Clipwire Games’ hit game Bingo Story, which has become the top grossing game in the

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