Day: July 9, 2020

Joker billing fraud malware eluded Google Play security to infect Android devices

A new variant targeted Android users to subscribe them to premium services without their consent, according to Check Point Research.


Google sometimes has a tough time keeping malware out of its mobile app store. Though the company employs Google Play Protect to scan and vet apps that contain malware, savvy cybercriminals can devise ways to sneak past those defenses.

Always a thorn in Google’s side, the Joker malware arrived as a new variant a few months ago and evaded Google Play Protect to infect legitimate apps and sign people up to premium services. A blog post published Thursday by the cyber threat intelligence provider Check Point Research explains how this new version worked and what to do if you think one of the apps may still be on your Android device.

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Discovered by Check Point, the malware was a new flavor

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Facebook Removes False Accounts Linked to Brazil’s Bolsonaro

Social media giant Facebook said Wednesday that it has removed dozens of accounts, some used by employees of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and two of his lawmaker sons. The company said its decision was based on the creation of false profiles that engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

“We could see that there were employees of these offices engaged,” Nathaniel Gleicher, the company’s head of cybersecurity policy, said in a call with journalists. “We cannot see evidence and we do not see evidence of the politicians … or whether there is systemic coordination and direction from the leadership of those offices or not.”

Gleicher added that some of the content posted by the accounts had already been taken down for community standards violations, including hate speech.

There was no comment from Brazil’s presidential office about Facebook’s action.

Facebook’s decision comes as Brazil’s president careens from crisis to crisis, with different investigations

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