Day: December 2, 2020

Apple Reveals App Store’s Best Apps, Games of 2020, Announces Podcasts, Books of the Year

Apple on Wednesday released the list of App Store’s best apps and games of 2020. Continuing its annual trend, the Cupertino company named 15 apps and games that its App Store editors have found to be the best — on the basis of quality, design, usability, and the technology they use. The “Best of 2020” winners include home workout app Wakeout!, action role-playing game Genshin Impact, and video conferencing app Zoom, among others. Apple also separately announced the list of the most popular books and audiobooks on Apple Books and the shows of the year 2020 on Apple Podcasts.

Best App Store apps of 2020

From an independent developer Andres Canella, Wakeout! emerged as the iPhone App of the Year, while Zoom won the iPad App of the Year. Calendar and reminders app for Mac, Fantastical by Flexibits debuted as the Mac App of the Year. Similarly, video streaming

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The biggest Android mistake of 2020

Jack Wallen offers up what he believes is the biggest mistake made within the orbit of Android this year.

Image: Jack Wallen

There’s no way around it: 2020 has been one heck of a bad year for the majority of people on the planet. However, that doesn’t mean that everything was sucked into that awful black hole of despair. In fact, a number of technology sectors found 2020 to be the bearer of good news. Android was one such portion of tech that enjoyed a few positives during the Voldemort of years. For example, the Google Pixel 5 might not have lived up to the flagship moniker, but it’s a heck of a phone at a much more reasonable price point. Android 11 added some serious polish to what was already one of the best releases of the platform to date. 

Android isn’t 100% in the clear though. Along with

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