Malicious coronavirus-themed apps target Android devices

Purporting to offer help and info on COVID-19, the apps can let hackers take control of devices to access files, contacts, the calendar, and more, according to Check Point Research.

Mobile malware can be a threat at any time. But as cyber criminals exploit the coronavirus with phishing emails, ransomware, and other attacks, so too are they concocting phony coronavirus-themed apps to infect mobile devices. A new collection of Android apps analyzed by cyber threat intelligence provider Check Point Research purport to offer help and info on COVID-19 but instead deliver remote access trojans and other malware.

For its report “COVID-19 Goes Mobile: Coronavirus Malicious Applications Discovered” released Thursday, Check Point detailed its discovery of 16 different apps all masquerading as legitimate coronavirus apps. Installing these apps on an Android device unleashes malware that attempts to steal sensitive information or fraudulently generate money from premium services. The malware

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YouTube Opens Original Shows for Free Streaming Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

YouTube is offering a host of its original shows for free streaming to everyone amid the coronavirus pandemic. The video sharing service is opening up access to more than a dozen YouTube Originals like murder mystery competition show ‘Escape The Night’, ‘Step Up: High Water’, and ‘Impulse’, according to a online report. These shows are otherwise only available for those with a YouTube Premium subscription. The free access went live on Wednesday, April 8, and will remain in effect for a limited period. YouTube hasn’t shared a fixed date.

The shows YouTube is offering for free amid the coronavirus pandemic are a part of YouTube’s Premium subscription that costs Rs. 129 per month in India. However, as people around world are stuck at home due to the pandemic, the Alphabet-owned video sharing service is joining other services in opening up access to otherwise premium content.

“With a diverse collection of

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How to enable the new Eyes Open feature for Google Pixel 4

Google has finally added the Eyes Open requirement for Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock. Learn how to enable it.

Image: iStockphoto/Spencer_Whalen

The Google Pixel 4 facial recognition feature is already one of the finest on the market. It’s fast, secure, and reliable. However, there’s been one complaint frequently used against the system, which is that Face Unlock doesn’t require eyes to be open. The implications of that are pretty obvious: Someone could pick up your phone, while you sleep, and open the device by holding it in front of your face.

That does throw a bit of a wrench into the security works of the system.

To resolve this, the developers have finally (with the April 5, 2020 Security Update) added the ability to require eyes to be open for Face Unlock to work. 

Let me show you how to enable this must-use feature.

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OnePlus Confirms New Bullets Wireless Earphones, Will Host AMA With Carl Pei on April 10

While we try and hold onto some semblance of normalcy in these crazy times, it seems as though OnePlus’ marketing team hasn’t lost any steam and is chugging along full-speed ahead for the launch of the OnePlus 8 series on April 14. OnePlus has now officially conformed that a new version of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones will be launching soon, hopefully alongside the OnePlus 8 series. Not only that, the community team of OnePlus will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Carl Pei on Instagram Live, on April 10. If you have any burning questions before the launch, here’s your chance to get them answered.

About the earphones, OnePlus tweeted, “An all-new 10/10 Bullets audio experience is coming your way soon,” along with a link to where the event will be streamed. The image for the link also stated “charge for 10 minutes, enjoy for 10

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Germany Enlists Fitbit Wearables and Smartwatches in Coronavirus

Germany’s centre for disease control on Tuesday urged people with smartwatches and fitness bands to share their health data to help keep track of the spread of the coronavirus.

The Robert Koch Institute said it was launching an app called Corona Datenspende (Corona Data Donation) that would allow people to voluntarily and anonymously share information from their fitness trackers that could reveal signs of a COVID-19 infection.

The free app will log a person’s postcode, age and weight and keep track of any changes in activity and sleep habits, heart rate or even body temperature that could be symptoms of an acute respiratory disease, RKI head Lothar Wieler said at a press conference.

The app “would help to better estimate where and how fast COVID-19 is spreading in Germany,” Wieler said.

But he stressed that the app, developed with e-health company Thryve, could not make a diagnosis or replace a

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