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How to Manage Your Social Media Presence as a Hosting Reseller?

Social media presence is not an option for any business anymore. Reseller Hosting is no different. Any business needs to have cost-efficient avenues to find new clients and a cost and time-efficient option to stay in touch with its existing clients. Social media platforms provide both these options in one place in an inexpensive manner. With a little planning, a Hosting Reseller can leverage the benefits of social media and manage his presence better. This article has some tips to help you do the same.

Choose the right social media platforms

When you start your hosting reseller business, you define your target audience. Similarly, before building your social media presence, spend some time to think which platforms your target audience will use and choose accordingly. Usually, Facebook and Twitter and good platforms to start with. However, depending on your target audience, it can be any platform. Research well and Read more

6 Ways to Revamp Your Web Hosting Business

In the digital world of today, every business (big or small), self-employed professionals, and even individuals have their own website. It is the cornerstone of the digital presence of anyone trying to reach out to the world. And a website needs a web host – a place where the site resides. This has made web hosting an amazing business opportunity, and thousands of Reseller Hosting companies have swarmed the market. If you are into hosting reseller business, then you need to ensure that you stay ahead of the game and attract good clients if you want to avail all the benefits that come with it. In this article, we will talk about six ways by which you can revamp your web hosting business.

1.      Regular Market Research

Many hosting resellers spend a lot of time researching the market before launching their services. However, a successful web hosting business relies on … Read more

SSH Access in Web Hosting

SSH or Secure Shell represents a cryptographic network protocol for enabling secure communication of data, command execution, remote shell service or other services via secure network between two computers that are networked and connected through a secure channel but over an insecure network, client and server (running on SSH server/SSH client programs). Typically, SSH is used for logging into remote machines to execute commands. 

Why is SSH needed?

SSH helps in establishing a direct and secure connection between two computers within a network that is potentially unsecured. This is essential to prevent third parties from accessing the data stream and the data, consequently, falling into the wrong hands. Before the advent of SSH, means of establishing a direct connection between computers was available through applications like Remote Shell, Telnet, Riogin etc. However, these were unsecured mediums of connecting two systems. With SSH, the connection between computers is encrypted.

Apart from Read more

How to Choose the Suitable Online Invoicing Software for You?

There are many different offers in the billing solutions market nowadays. How to choose the best option for a young startup team? The co-founders of well-known Georgian startup D-Tech share their experience in billing accounting area.

– What do you recommend to young companies that first came up with the choice of accounting software?

D-Tech: We usually advise potential customers to analyze these few figures:

  • First, how many customers do you hope to attract?
  • How many employees will use the software? Check with your vendor whether the number of users is affecting the price.
  • How many operations will you have per month?
  • Also, you must decide what functions you need and at which tier. Are they free or only available as integrations? How much they cost?

– If the startup founder decided that he needed to use ancillary services, what would you advise him to look for?

D-Tech: First, determine … Read more

Using Installaware 7 To installation Microsoft NetFramework applications

This whitepaper describes how to use InstallAware for deploying programs jogging at the Microsoft .net Framework. Even though the internet Framework makes deploying applications simpler way to functions like the global assembly Cache, which removes shared aid conflicts frequently encountered through Win32 applications, there are nonetheless particular challenges to the deployment of .net programs. One substantial venture is the down load and installation of the .net Framework, which requires enormous bandwidth and increases the setup bundle size dramatically. InstallAware addresses this challenge the usage of a aggregate of specific deployment technologies, such as WebAware Installations, superior compression, and MSIcode scripting.

InstallAware’s unique WebAware set up era is used to isolate software runtimes from the main setup application, whilst still presenting a self contained installer that works without mandating an internet connection. This generation works nicely with the .internet Framework runtime, greatly simplifying deployment by using Downloading and Installing the runtime … Read more