Day: October 16, 2020

Top 5G Smartphones of 2020

2020 is the year of the 5G smartphone, with all the major players releasing devices that are able to take advantage of the latest cellular technology. Here are 5G smartphones worth checking out.

5G smartphones have been around since 2019, but 2020 is the year that all the biggest smartphone manufacturers got in on the game and made 5G devices the gold standard in mobile technology. These 5G smartphones stand out as some of the best available.

iPhone 12

Image: Apple

Apple’s first 5G smartphone comes as part of a major upgrade to its iPhone design, with new flat aluminum edges in place of the iPhone 11’s curved ones. The iPhone 12 also has a new Ceramic Shield screen that Apple claims can handle drops four times better than previous iPhones. Also available is the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, the larger, even more specced out versions, which start

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Instagram Agrees Curbs on Paid Influencers, UK Watchdog Says

Facebook’s Instagram has agreed measures to crack down on hidden advertising by so-called influencers on its photo and video platform, Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said on Friday.

Influencers with thousands of followers can earn large fees from companies to promotes a product on Instagram.

In what the CMA described as an important behaviour shift by a major social media platform, Facebook Ireland, which operates Instagram in Britain, has committed to a package of changes.

“This will make it much harder for people to post an advert on Instagram without labelling it as such,” the CMA said in a statement.

Facebook said the company was pleased to be working with the CMA on its continued efforts to increase transparency on when people are paid to post content on Instagram.

“We are also proud to be launching a programme with MediaSmart to help educate young people about branded

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