Day: October 28, 2020

Instagram Live Video Time Limit Extended to 4 Hours, New Archive Option Created for Livestreams

Instagram has introduced three new features to encourage more users to live stream on its platform. This social media platform has extended the Live Video limit to up to four hours from the earlier one hour cap. There is also a new Live Archive option that has been enabled to keep all your live videos saved for up to 30 days. This archive can only be accessed by you, and you can download your live videos to upload them of IGTV if you’d wish to.

The new features were announced through Twitter, and possibly the biggest one is the extension of Live Video limit. This was earlier capped at one hour, but that has now been extended to four hours. This means users who love going live while cooking or do live classes won’t have to restart their livestream after every hour. Instagram has also introduced Live Archives where

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How to schedule your Android 11 dark theme for sunset to sunrise

If you’re a fan of dark themes, you’ll be glad to know the scheduling of this UI change has been improved with Android 11.

Image: Jack Wallen

Android 11 has brought to life some new features and polished up a few bits and pieces that came into being in previous incarnations. One such bit of polish found its way into the dark theme management of the platform.

For those that like to use the dark theme, you can always just turn it on and have at your day. For those that prefer the regular theme during the day, but need the more subdued option at night, you could schedule it for specific times. That’s a great option, but it’s not always ideal–especially when you have to account for time changes and time zones.

Fortunately, the developers of Android took the time to refine this feature a bit and add a

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