Day: November 3, 2020

Google Pixel Phones Receiving November Android Security Update With Host of Improvements and Fixes

Google’s Pixel phones have got a new update with the latest November Android security patch, along with several fixes and improvements. The latest security patch includes patches for several security vulnerabilities that have been detailed on the official Pixel Update Bulletin. Pixel 3 series and beyond have received this update with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL left behind. The update includes several fixes in terms of apps, audio, camera, sensors, touch, and system UI. Some of the fixes apply to all the Pixel phones while others are more phone specific.

As per the official Pixel support page, the notable fixes include a preventive fix for inadvertent playlist removal in YouTube Music, a fix for bug preventing ringer audio for starred contacts in DND mode, and a fix for the bug that makes the screen light up after locking the phone in certain conditions. There is also a

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The only Google Pixel 5 review you need to read

If you need a real world, honest review of the Pixel 5, you’ve come to the right place. Jack Wallen shares his experience after purchasing the latest from Google.

Image: Google

You probably know that I hemmed and hawed about buying the latest iteration of Google’s Pixel phone (read “Google Pixel 5: To upgrade or not to upgrade?“). However, in the end, I made the purchase. Why? Because even though the Pixel 4 was a beautiful, flagship-spec’d phone, it was suffering from a steady stream of issues based on the Android 11 upgrade, and a battery that was starting to veer toward the frustrating.

This was the first time I upgraded to a new Pixel that I wasn’t all that excited. Up until Android 11, I really enjoyed that device. The smooth, orange back glass was elegant and refined. The speed of the processor–especially when working over Portrait

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