Day: November 19, 2020

Facebook Brings App That Lets You Design Your Own Zine-Like Webpages

Facebook has launched an app called for users in the US to offer them a “platform for freeform creative expression” and let them create zine-like webpages. The app, that was initially piloted earlier this year, is available for free download on Apple’s App Store. Unlike Facebook’s regular social networking platform where you can create profiles and pages, write posts and comments, and like and share content, is specifically designed to provide a nostalgic feel to Internet users where images, GIFs, shapes, and text can be curated onto freeform canvases. The experience is similar to how you create webpages on Tumblr.

The app is created by a research and development group at Facebook, known as the New Product Experimentation (NPE) team. It also uses Giphy, the company that Facebook acquired in May this year, to offer a number of GIFs that can be added to digital

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