Day: February 10, 2021

Facebook, Instagram to Include Shopify’s ‘Shop Pay’ Payment Option in US

Canadian e-commerce company Shopify said on Tuesday it would expand its payment option, “Shop Pay,” to all users choosing to sell on Facebook and Instagram. The move marks the first time the feature will be available outside Shopify’s platform and will help the company tap into the rise of shopping through social media platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The option would become available to Shopify merchants selling products in the US through Instagram on Tuesday and will be rolled out on Facebook within the coming weeks, the company said in a blog post. Social media shoppers will be able to use Shop Pay alongside other payment options on the social media company’s payments system Facebook Pay.

The company says consumers on Instagram and Facebook will see Shop Pay as a payment option in Facebook Pay with this integration, It says that Shop Pay pre-populates user details and speeds

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How to use Vivaldi Page Actions

Jack Wallen introduces you to a Vivaldi feature that might have you reconsidering the default browser you use on Android.

Image: Jack Wallen

Vivaldi has become my default web browser on both the Linux desktop and my Android devices. It’s fast, reliable, secure, and offers a number of features I’ve grown to depend on. One such feature, found only on the mobile version of Vivaldi, is the new Page Actions. With Page Actions you can configure a website for enhanced accessibility or readability. Maybe you’re looking to tweak your own site’s CSS and want to quickly enable the CSS debugger. Or, maybe you just want a site to appear different than the default. With Page Actions you can do just that.

What kind of configurations can you set for a site? Currently, Vivaldi includes the following options:

  • CSS Debugger

  • Black and White

  • Grayscale

  • Intensify (adds saturation and contrast to images)

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