8 Things to Look For Before Buying a Used MacBook a MacBack Suggestion

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If you don’t choose wisely, you can regret buying expensive ones!

Apart from being a place of prestige, many people choose to buy a laptop with the Apple brand because it has proven to be of good quality. With sharp performance, the Macbook is indeed a favorite choice for all circles. Unfortunately, the price of the Apple laptop is not easily accessible to everyone.

Buying a used Macbook can be the solution. However, what happens if we buy used Apple products without knowing the important things to review their eligibility? MacBack Suggestion ┬áMaybe we will regret it later. So that you don’t go blind when buying a used Macbook, you should pay attention to the following 8 things, right?

  1. Ensure the feasibility of the battery by looking at the number of cycle count cycles on the use of the laptop

MacBack Suggestion Laptop battery life is an important thing that needs to be checked. What happens if you buy a cheap used Macbook, but have to replace the battery which can cost millions of rupiah? On the Macbook laptop itself, you can check the health of the battery and its resistance by checking the cycle count.

Apple estimates the battery can last up to 1,000 cycle count cycles. So, the fewer cycle counts on a laptop, the better the battery life. How to check it simply click the Apple logo in the upper left corner and select System Information. In the new window select “Power” and look for cycle count.

  1. Make sure there are no dead pixels on your used Macbook

Thanks to the sharpness of the pixels on Macbooks, sometimes customers don’t know anything about dead pixels or screen defects on laptops. Many laptops have dead pixels even in the form of small spots. Of course, you have to be careful about this flaw, right? To see dead pixels on the screen, simply use an image with a red, green, blue, or white background. If any of the pixels are damaged, you will also see small spots on the screen.

  1. Check all sides of the Macbook body to minimize unauthorized service from old users

MacBack Suggestion Another important thing for used Macbook users is to check the perfection of the laptop body. Make sure there are no dents on all sides of the laptop because if there are even a few scratches, the selling price of the laptop will drop drastically. Next, check all the laptop screws. This is an important part because loose screws can be a sign that your Mac has been serviced by an unauthorized store.

  1. Check the match of the Macbook serial number and the remaining warranty

MacBack Suggestion Often overlooked, serial numbers are another important aspect of checking the suitability of a machine for potential buyers. Compare the serial number on the machine’s surface with the one in the About Mac menu. Make sure the serial number shown here is the same as the number printed on the surface of the machine.

The serial number is also an important asset for tracking service and warranty information for the Macbook you want to buy. Just go to the checkcoverage.apple.com page and enter the serial number in the input box to verify the warranty information on the Macbook.

  1. Don’t forget to test your used Macbook keyboard

MacBack Suggestion The keyboard is a crucial thing that you should check before deciding to buy a used Macbook. The method is quite easy, use the default Text Edit application from Apple to make sure the keyboard is not working. Type every keyboard character and make sure all keyboards work perfectly.

  1. Also check the Macbook camera function

The easiest way to check if the camera on your Macbook is working is to open the Photo booth on your Macbook. You can also use the Facetime app to see if the camera is in good condition. If you see a notification that says “No camera connected,” there could be a malfunction in your Macbook’s camera.

  1. Ensure the Macbook’s audio clarity is flawless

Without a doubt, one of the best aspects of the Macbook is its clear and loud audio. That’s why checking the audio of your used Macbook is an important aspect that you shouldn’t miss. The trick is to just open the music from the laptop, and listen carefully, the audio quality must be clear and not broken. Also, make sure that not only the internal speakers are working, but the headphone port is also working.

  1. The last step is to do the Apple Hardware Test (AHT)

MacBack Suggestion The final step that you must do is perform an Apple hardware test to detect problems with the logic board, memory, and other hardware components. All you have to do is unplug all external devices and turn off your Mac. Then, turn it back on and hold down the D button once you hear the beep. Then, select an existing language and press the arrow keys to run the test.

Buying used electronic goods can indeed be a solution so that the budget is not excessive. One of them is the decision to buy a high-end laptop such as a Macbook. If you can choose wisely and check the feasibility of the Apple laptop, you can get a high-quality laptop at a low price, right?