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Various Gift Ideas for Freelancers

There’s actually more with holidays than just giving and receiving and in this article we will discuss some helpful ideas that you could help you learn on how you could make freelancers becoming more productive and successful.

Cloud Storage for a Gift

Many freelancers actually spends a lot of their time on their mobile devices and their laptops. Also, there’s a chance that their machines may end up destroyed through accidents. You can however give them a peace of mind by giving them a storage unit in the cloud. Online data storages will back up precious files automatically and this also allows them to access it easily online.

Stand Up Desk for a Gift

Though freelance work can be done in about any location, this is usually done in a sitting position. Based with a story made, those that are usually sitting most of the time have a higher chance to getting a heart attack. This is why a stand-up desk could help in saving their life.

Mobile Hotspot as Gifts


Though this tends to have a higher price, it is in fact seen as worth the cost. Mobile hotspots have the power in changing the freelancer’s life through creating a secure wi-fi which they could bring with them while they travel. This is truly beneficial and is useful as well because there are actually some wi-fi hotspots that are unsecured and you also will also encounter some that are very slow.

Portable Solar Charger for a Gift

Another thing which is worse aside from having no internet connection would be getting a dead device and when there are no power outlets in the area. You can however help your freelancers avoid such fear by giving them with a portable charger that can be powered by the sun. You can find solar chargers that is able to power up everything from your laptop to smartphones as long as you have an access to sunlight.

Industry Related e-books

For any small business owner, it can be easy to feel like you are only making stuff up when you go along. But, if you will give your freelancers with reading books from the successful entrepreneurs, you could help them greatly on restoring their inspiration as well as their confidence. Rather than just giving them with a traditional book that will mostly just end up on the side, better give them an e-book instead which they can access anytime they want.

These are actually wonderful gift items to a freelancer that could greatly help them a lot. Before you make a purchase, see to it that you will research first what the freelancer truly needs so that the gift you will give them will truly become more special.