Advertising Marketing Blog – Product Or Advertising?

We often come across the advertising marketing blog that discusses which is more important for a certain product to sell, is it the product itself or the advertising? This question has been going on for ages, and has been debated upon by marketing circles everywhere. You might have come across the story of two sales agents of a popular footwear brand, Nike, that demonstrate the different opinions.

Both agents were assigned to far away Africa to check on the feasibility of bringing their footwear there. After two weeks, both of them came back in the office, and surprisingly, had two contrasting reports. The first agent said that their shoes would not sell well in Africa, because only a handful of the people wore shoes. The second one said with enthusiasm that Africa was the perfect place for them to sell their product! He reasoned that because there were not many people who wear footwear in Africa, this presented a golden opportunity to teach them to wear shoes, and create a completely untapped market.

Your product, no matter how excellent it is made, will not sell unless you educate its potential consumers on how it can benefit them, and why they cannot live without it. Kampanye di media sosial The advertising marketing blog is the answer to making your product sell. It may cost a little more in the beginning, but with the correct call to action, the profit returns will be exponential.

So, which is really more important, the product or the advertising? The stand experts express on the typical advertising marketing blog would say that both have a fair share in the success of a campaign, but the emphasis is on advertising. If the buyer does not know about the product you are selling, or feel that they have a problem your product can solve, you will not make many sales.

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