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Importance of Marketing in Business

Marketing plays a vital role in business. It’s one aspect of business that the entrepreneur cannot afford to disregard. Without marketing people won’t know about your company or the products and services that you have to offer, and this translates to poor sales. This is not good for any business.

Just because you opened a business does not necessarily mean that people will flock to your establishment; especially if nobody knows about your business and what you have to offer. This is where marketing comes into play. For any business to succeed it needs a very effective marketing plan. You need to be able to let the people know that your business exists and that you have something to offer.

One cannot downplay the role that marketing plays in business. Poor marketing means low sales and revenues which also means little or no profit at all. A business that is

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Advertising Marketing Blog – Product Or Advertising?

We often come across the advertising marketing blog that discusses which is more important for a certain product to sell, is it the product itself or the advertising? This question has been going on for ages, and has been debated upon by marketing circles everywhere. You might have come across the story of two sales agents of a popular footwear brand, Nike, that demonstrate the different opinions.

Both agents were assigned to far away Africa to check on the feasibility of bringing their footwear there. After two weeks, both of them came back in the office, and surprisingly, had two contrasting reports. The first agent said that their shoes would not sell well in Africa, because only a handful of the people wore shoes. The second one said with enthusiasm that Africa was the perfect place for them to sell their product! He reasoned that because there were not many

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The Best Advice About Hemp I’ve Ever Written

Attributes of the Best Hemp Products Stores

A special type of cannabis which is grown to be used in various industries is known as hemp. A cannabis plant is a green plant which is grown in the tropics and used for both medical and recreational uses. The hemp plant is used in manufacturing products such as food, clothing, biofuel, paper, and animal feeds. The food industries use hemp in producing milk, coffee, cakes, biscuits, and chocolate among others. Soaps, shampoos, oils, and lotions can also be manufactured from hemp. The health benefits of the hemp products are numerous. The following are attributes of the best stores which offer hemp products.

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The Things to Check Before Hiring an Emergency Locksmith Service

There are different locksmith services around Killeen Texas. It is important for you to be careful when you are selecting a locksmith service provider despite the availability of many of them. There are instances where the locks of your car or house can develop problems, and that is why locksmith services are available to help you in such instances. There are several instances when you will require the services of a residential locksmith service, and this includes when you have misplaced your keys and if the lock systems have been messed with. When you are searching for locksmith service providers, you need to be aware that different kinds of locks are usually installed. Apart from residential and commercial locksmith services, there are also automotive locksmith services. There are instances when you will need to find an automotive locksmith service, and … Read more