Google Pixel 5: To upgrade or not to upgrade?

Longtime Android user Jack Wallen debates upgrading to the newest Google Pixel phone. Find out his conclusion and why was it such a hard choice.

Image: Google

I’m just going to say it up front: Google really put me in a pickle with the Pixel 5. I’ve been a fan of the Pixel phones for some time. I started with the Pixel 2 and have upgraded ever since. Pixel 3? Pixel 4? Check and check. I was happy–the Pixel phone was the ideal device to deliver a pure Android experience. The camera was brilliant and Android ran with a speed and ease I hadn’t experienced on any other phone.

My Google Pixel 4 was probably the best phone I’d had to date, minus the battery life. But I spend most of my day at my desk, so battery life was never really a problem for me.


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Best mobile gifts in 2020

If you’re at a loss for what to buy your on-the-go friend or loved one, start with this handy list and let your imagination be inspired.

It’s that holiday time of the year, where people start thinking about those in their orbits and what gifts to give them. For some, the task is simple. For others, however, it might as well be herculean–especially given we’re still in the midst of a pandemic. But don’t worry, if you have trouble finding gifts, TechRepublic has you covered. This time around we’re going to focus on those gifts pertaining to mobility–phones, laptops, and those things that help you while on the go. Hopefully this short list of ideas will jump-start your shopping for the season.

Acer Chromebook Spin 713

Image: Acer

For many, the most logical choice in laptops are Chromebooks because they were built with mobility in mind. ChromeOS is lightning

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Top 5G Smartphones of 2020

2020 is the year of the 5G smartphone, with all the major players releasing devices that are able to take advantage of the latest cellular technology. Here are 5G smartphones worth checking out.

5G smartphones have been around since 2019, but 2020 is the year that all the biggest smartphone manufacturers got in on the game and made 5G devices the gold standard in mobile technology. These 5G smartphones stand out as some of the best available.

iPhone 12

Image: Apple

Apple’s first 5G smartphone comes as part of a major upgrade to its iPhone design, with new flat aluminum edges in place of the iPhone 11’s curved ones. The iPhone 12 also has a new Ceramic Shield screen that Apple claims can handle drops four times better than previous iPhones. Also available is the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, the larger, even more specced out versions, which start

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Best Android Gifts in 2020

If you’re looking for a unique or exciting Android present this holiday season, look no further than this gift guide, which includes stocking stuffers and bigger ticket tech gadgets.

Ladies and gentlemen of the TechRepublic universe, it’s that time again–holiday shopping season. This Android gift guide can help you shop for those you love, cherish, and tolerate throughout the year. From stocking stuffers to big gift ideas, you should be able to find something for all of the Android fans on your list. If you don’t find anything on this list, consider a Google Play gift card for those on your list who prefer to select their own gifts.

Google Pixel 5

Image: Google

If you’re looking to up your gift game for an Android fan, why not go all the way and get them the latest Pixel phone? Although you might find a device with a faster processor, you

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Infinix Zero 8: A mid-range Android phone with an impressive camera

The Infinix Zero 8 has average specs, a great camera, and a low price point. Is this the right phone for you? Jack Wallen takes a look.

Image: Jack Wallen/TechRepublic

When I received the Infinix Zero 8, I must confess I didn’t have high hopes for it. After unboxing and connecting the Android device to my Google account, my first impression was that it was a midlist phone with certain features that could quickly turn off many users. Then something interesting happened–I started playing with the camera.

I wouldn’t consider myself someone who places a high priority on a phone’s camera. That’s not to say I don’t make regular use of the feature–I do. In fact, I take daily photos for various purposes, but for me, the camera is an afterthought. When I review phones, it tends to be one of the last things I test. Upon giving the Infinix

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