How to quickly re-install any Android app you’ve ever used

Having trouble remembering that Android app you installed two phones ago, but really need to have now? Let Jack Wallen show you an easy way to locate and install it.

Image: Jack Wallen

Android makes it easy to do just about anything from a mobile device. It’s simple to use, flexible, and efficient. One feature that goes a long way to show Android’s efficiency is found in the Google Play Store. With this feature, you can easily go back and install any application you’ve previously used, without having to either dig deep into the recesses of your memory or search for it in the Play Store.

The feature in question is called the Library. From this tool you can, with a single tap, install any application you’ve ever installed on any Android device you’ve ever associated with your Google account. 

You read that correctly—any application you have ever installed on

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Android 11: The nine best features

The Android 11 developer preview was recently released. Learn about the standout features in this upgrade to the Google platform.

Image: Jack Wallen

It seems like Android 10 only just hit the mobility airwaves. Android 10 is baked in and working to perfection–at least that’s the case on my Google Pixel 4. But as is the wont of Google, Android is always moving forward. The developer preview of Android 11 was released, and it includes interesting features that may or may not make it to the final version.

This Android 11 release is only meant for developers, so don’t bother searching it out and installing it on your supported device; otherwise, you will wind up suffering endless frustration. 

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Android 11’s most interesting features

Scheduled dark theme

I’m going to confess: I’m not a fan of the dark theme on Android

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Trucking carrier Schneider National accelerates to digital transformation 2.0

The global trucking firm has seen a 25% reduction in total cost of ownership after using Samsung Knox Configure to develop an app store.

Digital transformation trends in 2020: What to expect
Analyst Brian Solis explains why he is also excited about quantum computing, cognitive automation, and robotic process automation.

While many trucking companies are still transitioning away from paper-based processes, Schneider National has moved to digital transformation 2.0—integrating and streamlining numerous digital automation tools.

To meet regulatory requirements, Schneider, one of the largest trucking carriers in North America with nearly $5 billion in annual revenue, equips all of its 12,000 trucks with a locked-down electronic logging device (ELD) to track the time and location of over 10,000 drivers.

For nearly a decade, the company used a cellular-based appliance with proprietary software that collected performance and behavior data from the truck and gave drivers their assignment. But using a custom

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Libya-based hackers using coronavirus pandemic to spread mobile surveillance malware

The drastic spread of coronavirus across the world has not stopped cybercriminals from exploiting fear to hack into devices.

Coronavirus: Hackers are exploiting the COVID-19 outbreak to steal your information
Karen Roby interviewed a cybersecurity expert about a different threat than COVID-19 brings.

For months now, cybercriminals have used coronavirus-themed emails, messages and software to trick people into downloading malware and other malicious programs designed to steal information and harm people. 

Kristin Del Rosso and other threat researchers with cybersecurity company Lookout have found a new kind of coronavirus cyberattack designed to spread potentially malicious Android applications that appear to be the most recent piece of tooling in a larger mobile surveillance campaign operating out of Libya and targeting Libyan individuals.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Del Rosso said Lookout researchers have discovered mobile surveillanceware imitating a COVID-19 app with deeper connections to 30 other apps that integrate

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