Small business owners happy with current business conditions but fear recession

A Capital One survey reported business owners doing well but are preparing for a recession–just in case.

Ford is targeting small to medium size businesses with its new delivery service model
By using data that works together, cities can free up their streets, make their city more pedestrian-friendly, and increase value for businesses.

Small business owners feel good about the current state of the economy but expressed fears of a recession in a new survey from Capital One

Capital One commissioned a survey of 500 small businesses in the US with revenue less than $10 million, asking them a range of questions about the state of the country’s economy.

Almost 65% of businesses said conditions for businesses were good or excellent right now, while nearly half told the survey they were concerned about the potential effects of a recession in the next year.

The bi-annual Small Business Growth Index

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Urban-X startup accelerator graduates sixth cohort to commemorate Climate Week

Members of cohort focused on improved road safety hardware, energy efficiency, and climate-friendly building design.

URBAN-X: Behind the scenes at Brooklyn’s groundbreaking tech incubator
In Brooklyn, New York, URBAN-X is making waves with its groundbreaking tech incubator at A/D/O where entrepreneurs work with BMW’s MINI engineers on technology and design for urban environments.

In honor of Climate Week NYC, Urban-X graduated their sixth cohort of startups using innovative technology to address urban climate change issues. 

Urban-X invested $150,000 into the seven startups and helped the minds behind them with wide-ranging support as they got off the ground. Each organization addressed environmental issues in a different way, leveraging new technology to save resources and reshape how people think about the world around them.

One startup was using software to reduce food waste while another improved water quality by helping water utilities optimize operations through a cloud-based platform. 

“Through technology, investment and

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BlackRock, shine spotlight on innovative platforms via nonprofit tech incubator

Tech incubator Fast Forward showcased nine tech nonprofits dedicated to using data for good.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard: Incubating tech talent
Find out how the Brooklyn Navy Yard is incubating modern tech talent in an old school environment. TechRepublic talks to David Ehrenberg, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp.

It’s difficult for any tech startup to get off the ground these days and even more so for nonprofits looking to use successful platforms to address the world’s most pertinent problems. 
Fast Forward, a social impact tech accelerator funded by, BlackRock and, decided to take up the challenge of helping launch tech nonprofits five years ago. Since then, the group has assisted 50 tech nonprofits in securing more than $100 million in funding. 
These tech nonprofits have gone on to impact the lives of 51 million people across the world.
“Fast Forward has really helped

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Safer helps publishers spot illegal user-generated content

Thorn wants to eliminate child sexual abuse material from the internet. The non-profit’s new content moderation tool makes it easy to hash images and videos and identify the bad ones.

Cracking the code: Why more companies are focusing on AI projects
Karen Roby interviews a Gartner analyst about why some companies are doubling down on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

YouTube just got a $170 million fine for invading the privacy of its youngest viewers.

President Trump signed the FOSTA-SESTA bills into law a year ago. These new rules were meant to stop sex trafficking online by carving out an exception to Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. 

More about artificial intelligence

This year Congress has been making more noise about narrowing the safe harbor created by Section 230. Section 230 has protected website publishers from being sued over user-generated content. 

Website publishers can hope that

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How to manage a startup: 6 tips

Owning or managing a startup can be exhausting. Here are six actions startup owners or managers can take to help manage tasks and busy schedules.

Image: iStockphoto/KatarzynaBialasiewicz

If you are the owner of a startup, then you know there’s all kinds of work that needs to be done. From managing projects, client expectations, and employees to handling finances, emails, and addressing issues, there’s no end to your to-do list. 

Each day, thousands of people start new companies, and thousands more are thinking up new ideas for a startup. The marketplace is saturated with startups, making it vital that each one of those business owners not only differentiates their product or service, but also keeps pace with their daily tasks. 

SEE: Launching and building a startup: A founder’s guide (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

Startups have to be more efficient if they expect to grow, and keeping up requires these six actionable items.

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