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How to Choose the Suitable Online Invoicing Software for You?

There are many different offers in the billing solutions market nowadays. How to choose the best option for a young startup team? The co-founders of well-known Georgian startup D-Tech share their experience in billing accounting area.

– What do you recommend to young companies that first came up with the choice of accounting software?

D-Tech: We usually advise potential customers to analyze these few figures:

  • First, how many customers do you hope to attract?
  • How many employees will use the software? Check with your vendor whether the number of users is affecting the price.
  • How many operations will you have per month?
  • Also, you must decide what functions you need and at which tier. Are they free or only available as integrations? How much they cost?

– If the startup founder decided that he needed to use ancillary services, what would you advise him to look for?

D-Tech: First, determine if the software you choose really does include all the features you need. If not, find out how much you need to pay extra. Next, make sure you integrate with the programs you are already using. Lastly, do you have to pay extra for connecting to online invoicing software.

– What usually include common integrations?

D-Tech: Common integrations include payroll, PayPal or other credit card processors, time tracking, CRM, marketing, inventory management, POS and e-commerce solutions.

– What are some additional points to consider when comparing different programs?

D-Tech: I want to highlight the following three aspects:

  • If you have more than one business, look for software that allows you to set up several businesses under one account.
  • Ask the developer what terms they provide technical support for and at what cost.
  • And one more practical tip: most software offers to try a free trial for a period. But registration in this trial program can cause you to lose the discount on the promotion. In this case, it is better to watch a company demo video about how their software works.
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So, your business’s invoicing shouldn’t distract you from the really important things that multiply your income. Find the software that best meets all your requirements, and don’t worry about billing to serve your customers.