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That leaves the three European contenders: the Eurofighter (from a four-nation consortium), the Dasault Rafale (from france) and the Saab Gripen (Sweden). Every of them put up a superb display of high-pace aerobatics, performing loops, barrel rolls, and spells of inverted flying that clearly pushed the boundaries of the aircrafts’ flight envelopes. Actually he mentioned that LCA MK1 is just not yet a 4th gen fighter, but that it will be one when it gets FOC, when all remaining points shall be solved. However as I mentioned earlier, moreover of particular techs and weapons, the base specs are very comparable between LCA and Gripen, however with an obvious hole to Rafale.

As regards high-heavy, given IAF faces tons of of heavy aircraft such because the J-eleven, Su-27, Su-30, and now even the J-20 and so on – it has every proper to resolve its power composition. HAL can be making MRCAs but the Sukhoi line will likely be coming to an end so there shall be room for the MK2 collection manufacturing to prove more plane per year. The IAF fairly clearly needs a multi-function aircraft with emphasis on efficiency since avionics are in flux mostly and will be specifically developed to be extra trendy as time progresses. However, if the platform has poor acceleration, climb price and maneuvering efficiency, that can put it most likely on the bottom of the IAF’s wishlist.

it veered off the runway. That’s hardly a crash. The airframe was put back into service. There have been fighters with ACTUAL crashes that didn’t get derailed. It can depend on how the MK2 comes off. The Akash for example achieved nicely so subsequent orders had been placed, the MK1 did not turn out that effectively so solely a token quantity was ordered. I doubt the IAF can have the LCA in thoughts when they’re making the MRCA selections. Whilst you make a sound level about the truth that the Super Hornet carries extra weight thanks to it being a naval aircraft, that actually would not matter to the IAF. Why would it ? They don’t seem to be landing their fighters on aircraft carriers or launching them off catapults, so so far as they’re involved, its extra weight that is not wanted.

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it’s quite one other matter that a subsequent order for LCA MK2+ isn’t just possible, however very possible and that is obvious to anyone who has even slightly understanding of how IAF works. however let’s ignore that for the moment. In air to air, I’d take the Rafale over the Gripen NG as well, given its system maturity especially its onboard passive sensors, after ATLC. Given it was designed to handle the French deterrence, it might make a greater striker as effectively. Hornet – sorry far more funded & with more mature techniques than the Gripen has.

The LCA didn’t meet all the IAF necessities in its current form. Even for the IOC IAF made certain concessions (In response to ACM Naik). The reality is that if the MK1 was adequate there could be no need for an MK2. completely correct. The IAF drive matrix for the approaching years revolves across the 270 Sukhoi-30MKIs contracted from Russia for round $12 billion, the 126 MMRCA and 120 indigenous Tejas Gentle Fight Plane, other than upgraded MiG-29s and Mirage-2000s. The eight-10 plane per 12 months solely appears to the MK1 version and shall be elevated if extra orders are positioned for the same (beyond the current forty). The LCA MK2 could be very ambitious in its timeline even conservative estimates says FoC for the same will happen by 2017-18. eighty three Aircraft is significantly massive order and they’ll ramp up the rate of production by then.