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Ultimate Teacher’s Guide to Keeping School Grounds Safe

When fetching children in school, parents before had a peace of mind because they’re confident that youngsters are safe on school grounds. Today, campus violence is so rampant and it is now a major source of concern among parents and school authorities. Teachers and parents have many questions such as, “How do we ensure that kids will be safe in school?”. While you may not really do much about putting an end to gun violence, there are steps a teacher can do to ensure that the school is kept safe. You can safeguard the safety and security of your students by keeping several helpful classroom tips in mind.

1. You need to familiarize yourself on the entire layout of the school. As a teacher, you need to know the details of your school including the hall names and classroom numbers. A teacher can equip himself or herself with the right information on exit routes and safety measures in times of violence or emergency. Active shooting incidents happen even in school grounds, so knowing the exit routes by heart can save the lives of many children. With the right knowledge of the school’s layout, the administration can be helped in establishing safety precautions.


2. It is better to teach far away from the door to stay safe. Teaching is a moral responsibility and teachers are usually the first targets of a shooting attack. You students greatly rely on your guidance in times like these, and you’ll be their source of help and strength. You’ll be a difficult target if your podium or desk is far away from the door.

3. Promote safety by creating a natural wall in your classroom. You can try placing a barrier near the door so you can move to block it when a shooting incident occurs. Storage boxes, closet, or a bookshelf are good examples. These things should not obstruct your students but can make things more difficult for any violent attacker.

5. Investing in safety devices is very important. It is hard to close average locks within seconds if there’s already an attacker, so invest on safety locks that are more advanced and error-proof.

Be vigilant and pay close attention to the things around you so you can act smartly during emergencies, most especially on shooting attacks. Find out about school safety tips and trick with more info. If you want a safe environment for your students, you can learn more from this website here! View here for more information about safety tips at home too by checking this page or website for info.