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Using Installaware 7 To installation Microsoft NetFramework applications

This whitepaper describes how to use InstallAware for deploying programs jogging at the Microsoft .net Framework. Even though the internet Framework makes deploying applications simpler way to functions like the global assembly Cache, which removes shared aid conflicts frequently encountered through Win32 applications, there are nonetheless particular challenges to the deployment of .net programs. One substantial venture is the down load and installation of the .net Framework, which requires enormous bandwidth and increases the setup bundle size dramatically. InstallAware addresses this challenge the usage of a aggregate of specific deployment technologies, such as WebAware Installations, superior compression, and MSIcode scripting.

InstallAware’s unique WebAware set up era is used to isolate software runtimes from the main setup application, whilst still presenting a self contained installer that works without mandating an internet connection. This generation works nicely with the .internet Framework runtime, greatly simplifying deployment by using Downloading and Installing the runtime simplest while known as by the setup.

Some other key InstallAware technology is the superior LZMA/BCJ2 compression, which pre-strategies facts using call bounce converters to increase compressibility, after which compresses the optimized statistics streams using a completely massive 32 MB facts buffer. The LZMA/BCJ2 algorithm is so green that it reduces the dimensions of the .internet Framework to literally half its already compressed size.
While imparting new and precise technologies, InstallAware is absolutely requirements based totally – each InstallAware setup is a natural windows Installer (MSI) package that could execute at once, with out requiring a 3rd-party scripting runtime to be formerly set up. windows Installer is the only Microsoft authorized installation era and is a requirement of Microsoft logo certification packages. It gives several different benefits which include multiplied-privilege installations in excessive-safety contexts and automatic corporate deployment the usage of lively directory group coverage. those blessings make MSI packages the most effective common software distribution layout for huge companies.

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Take a peek at the setup scriptwhich has been automatically generated and maintained for you up to now by means of the visible designers. pick the MSICode tab, and then select the My dotNET Setup page subsequent to the Welcome page. on the pinnacle left combination container, select practice adjustments. on the top proper combo container, choose set up Product. This takes you proper to the region on your script wherein most of the deploy movements take vicinity.

Look around the script. This script is a true programming language, referred to as MSIcode. MSIcode gives complete branching code execution for home windows Installer, every other particular benefit of InstallAware, additionally called actual Scripting for home windows Installer. not best does this option make growing setups less difficult – it additionally removes the layout overhead through presenting a easier development version than is typically viable with home windows Installer. You in reality creator your human readable MSIcode script, the usage of both the layout views or the MSIcode view, and InstallAware produces a emblem compliant MSI for you mechanically at build-time. MSIcode is the perfect way to describe the content and common sense of an MSI database, appreciably simplifying the setup improvement manner, and lowering development, protection, and support fees for your setups.

Additionally observe the install documents, Create Shortcut, and Write Registry instructions within the script. you’ll don’t forget them from the edits we made inside the files, Registry and Shortcuts designers. The InstallAware IDE functions two-manner integrated code editing, in order that while you make changes in any of the layout perspectives, the modifications are continually reflected within the MSIcode view, and vice versa. This permits you to unexpectedly prototype your setup inside the design views, and then switch to the MSIcode view to exceptional-tune your set up. when you build your setup, the resulting installer will continually be a brand certifiable MSI installer database – InstallAware looks after the vital MSI table insertions and MSI sequences for you. truly no custom motion authoring is required with InstallAware!

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There are numerous greater MSIcode commands to strive ? just scroll the listing at the proper of the script editor. every command executes a specific set up challenge, saving you countless hours of custom improvement attempt. you can drag-and-drop commands from there into the setup script, or pick a line inside the script editor and genuinely type the first few letters of a command ? this activates clever code finishing touch. The script editor capabilities all present day conveniences which includes reproduction/paste, locate/update, and extra. you may even use code folding and outline your custom code folding regions to organize your setup script.