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The Processes Of Data Management.

Data management is the process of collecting, cleaning, analyzing and storing the data in form of pictures, numbers or wordings.There exists different methods and different people to ensure that the process of managing the data is complete.The whole process may not only involve persons, but also softwares that are used for this process mainly used by database administrators and even scientists and researchers.

This article will mainly be restricted on focusing on various methods and practices used in storing and analyzing the data.This is important because it protects and monitors the lifecycle of the dataA lifecycle is a process from collection upto analysis to the point where it is finally used.

We wil start with data modeling, planning and finding of meaning.Data analysis is finding or getting meaning to the data that is stored in the computer.

Data quality management is another important aspect in this.Cleaning of the data is just one of the many aspects of data quality. Data cleaning can be described as the process of ensuring that the data only contains the most important aspects that have only been collected and not any can remove non correspondent data in the data set in an effort to ensure that the data is clean. Another aspect related to data cleaning is consistency, where you ensure that the data is consistency such that there is no anything that is out of place, such as dates and currency.

Data management is related to another important component called the data quality. This is known to be the aspect of ensuring that the data truly reflects the actual picture in real world. Data that is deemed to possess a high degree of quality normally reflects the true situation in the real world. A low quality data does not reflect the picture on the ground.

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Security of the data is the process of ensuring that the so collected data is not vulnerable to corruption and other malpractices that can render the data unusable. This is always intended to improve the quality of data by minimizing alterations. This is always done by ensuring that the you install control measure to the storage facility such that, there is minimal entry to the data itself and that it cannot changed. Some of the applications that are used in this work are made in such a manner that, they ensure no modifications to the data, but they can allow one to copy the same data to other applications.

Data storing and retrieving. It is a term that are normally used to refer to the processes of storing and taking the data. Data management has the administrator and the user. The administrator is the person who puts the data into the data base and has the moral authority and ability to make modifications but the user can only use the data.

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