Why use a compressed air regulator?

If you purchase a “do-it-your self” kind air compressor, or if you buy any kind of compressed air for that count, take a look at to ensure that it comes with an Air Regulator. If now not, buy one. you may be glad you did!

An air regulator is a tool that lowers the downstream air strain. Downstream air is the air that is shifting from the regulator closer to your software.

Spite of modifications

Compressed air will glide from the compressor reservoir into the air regulator (this deliver is called upstream air) and thru a device of an inner diaphragm and comes, the regulator will hold a constant downstream air strain level, in spite of modifications inside the upstream deliver strain from the tank.

Recognize that you could simplest use a compressed air regulator to boom the downstream air stress as much as the level of the upstream supply air strain. An air regulator will not permit you to “dial up” the downstream air stress better than the upstream degree.

However, if you can parent out how to try this, do allow me recognise, and we will each get rich! ;-

You’ll want to set the downstream air pressure from your regulator at a strain level that is below the lowest air stress to be able to be incoming from your air compressor. right here’s why.

The compressor most pressure set factor is the strain degree in the compressor receiver at which the compressor shuts itself off. that is additionally known as the “reduce out” strain.

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Various Compressed pressures


While the cut out pressure is reached, the compressor stops compressing air. while you start to use compressed air from the compressor tank, the stress interior starts to drop, and in the end the compressor will begin again. this is the “cut in” stress factor.

As a end result, your utility, be it an air tool or an air brush, will “see” various pressures from the tank as the compressor cycles on and stale between the 2 set points.

For maximum applications, a varying air pressure supply isn’t always great and it’s miles specifically not easy for those who use compressed air to spray paint. in spite of your nice efforts with the air brush, if the deliver air stress is continuously converting, so too will the pleasant of your paintings.

This brings us lower back to the why you may usually want to have an air regulator mounted in the line among the compressor and your application.

If you set the downstream air strain at a stress level underneath the reduce in stress stage of the air compressor, in theory, the air strain in your application must never trade. as the air compressor goes thru its ordinary reduce-in and cut-out cycle your air regulator ensures that your downstream device will see a steady, non-fluctuating, deliver of compressed air.

Supply of compressed air

That is theoretical only, sadly. if your software consumes more compressed air than your compressor can generate. Even though you have set your air regulator at a “safe” level. In the end the air strain from the tank will fall under the extent your regulator is about for. And the downstream device will see a progressively diminishing air pressure. Supply too this even though your compressor can also have reduce-in. And is attempting desperately to accumulate a supply of compressed air within the tank.

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That is why you really want to know how much air you want in your application. To ensure that your air compressor has enough ability to oversupply your wishes. Take a look at out information of this at approximately-air-compressors. com!

Recognize that air stress regulators include exclusive levels of accuracy with the least accurate being, as you might guess, the least luxurious.

Maximum preferred reason compressed air regulators could have an accuracy of three-five PSI. Meaning that the real air stress that your tool is being supplied via. The regulator will vary inside that range, regardless of what it says on the gauge.

If you need greater accuracy, opt for a precision regulator. And depending at the producer, you’ll be able to get a downstream air strain inside a . Five PSI accuracy of the strain analyzing at the gauge.

Wellknown purpose air stress regulators normally have an running range in the region of of 0 – one hundred twenty PSI. Others can be rated for pressures of 0-one hundred or zero-one hundred fifty PSI.

You can also get air regulators with a narrower and greater. Distinctiveness oriented range of pressures including: zero-10 PSI, zero-20, 20-60 PSI and so on. At the alternative quit of the dimensions, you should purchase regulators that could competently manage many heaps of PSI.

For most do-it-yourself types, a trendy compressed air regulator with various zero-a hundred PSI will do simply quality.